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Helping you find Harmony in your Mind, Body and Spirit.


1 slim box designed for you to carry around and use anywhere.

The new NO MESS NO FUSS way to use the benefits of essential oil ON THE GO.


3 blends: 9 pure essential oils to help you feel more balanced 

Mind - Piece & Tranquillity - Find mental clarity & piece of mind

Body - Comforting & soothing - Supports the everyday aches, pains plus stresses and strains of life

Spirit - Promote relaxation - Sunny aromas help to refresh the spirit, Support clarity of mind.


Combining 50 years of knowledge of sourcing and blending 100% Pure and Natural Essential oils to provide you with unique aromatic blends.

Ingrediants: (essential oils are NOT diluted)

Cedarwood / Clarey Sage / Lemon / Ylang Ylang / Lemon  / Coriander / Lavender / Orange /  Cedarwood USA


The Harmony Collection

SKU: 123010203
1 x Box = Envelope options
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